The iPASTORE has been a much awaited app for the iOS 7. This app allows users to directly download applications and games from their device. It is same as vShare repo which we can use an alternative to Installous.

install and download iPASTORE apps

However the iPASTORE app that has been released in only a beta version of the main app. The original app is still being developed, and this version is released so that the bugs, and errors can be fixed before the original version can be released. So the users should not expect this version to be perfect, and this version may have some problems.

The developers have taken care of most of the things before releasing the app, but still, the users may face some problems, and issues while downloading apps using the iPASTORE. However the users are encouraged to contact the concerned authorities at iPASTORE Forums with their problems, and the feedback from all the users will be taken into account before releasing the final version. There are many websites from where you can download this app, but none of those apps will be as stable as ours. The software has been renamed to AppCake.

How to download and then install iPASTORE on your Device?

Getting this app is really quite simple. Even amateurs can install this app. Please follow below simple steps to more details.

  • One just have to go to the Cydia app, and launch it.
  • Then add repo source.
  • Then tap on Manage, Sources, Edit and Add.
  • Then add the link “”.
  • Reopen Cydia front page and then click on search.
  • Search AppCake, and then click on install.

The iPASTORE will allow users to browse and download apps directly. It will also help to install the apps. Since it is the first launch, it is available for a handful of iOS devices, but as the app will be updated, it will be available for the rest of the iOS devices as well. This app is mainly for jailbroken devices. As it runs on jailbroken devices, one can guess that it requires Appsync patch, and it also supports iO5 and iOS6.

  • There are a lot of new features that are introduced in this app. One can browse apps buy their category, i.e. new apps, featured apps, new updates, etc.
  • One can also search apps directly by typing the names.
  • Downloading apps directly is the best part about this app, but once the app is in the background, it only allows downloading for 10 minutes.
  • Another great thing about this app is that it has a queued installation process, so one can choose single or multiple.
  • The auto lock feature of this app is disabled when the app is in the foreground, but it is enabled, instantly when the app is in the background. So no one has to worry regarding large downloads.
  • This app can also take the user to the AppStore if they want to buy any app.